Kvent’s Story

(This story was originally posted here.  For a much more comprehensive list of success stories, visit the TMSwiki for hundreds of success stories for numerous conditions).

I found this forum today [TMSHelp]  and was astounded at the people who know what TMS is.  I’ve suffered with TMS off and on for years but it wasn’t until my last bout of pain that didn’t go away that i found out what it was.

A little bit about myself.
I’m a 50 yr old mother of 4 and I’ve suffered headaches for years.  Being a high strung perfectionist I put so much stress on myself to be the perfect wife and mother.
I literally had headaches for 10 yrs straight that i would just treat with handfuls of tylenol or aspirin.

Fast forward to 5 yrs ago, I lost my oldest son to a suicide.
He was an addict and struggled for a few years with drug addiction and couldn’t live that way anymore and thought he was doing our family a favor by ending his life.

A year after his death i suffered horrendous sciatica pain and numbness blah blah blah.
I did have a structural problem in my back which was fixed with surgery. It helped immensely on the sciatica pain and the numbness but the lower back pain i was left with was unbearable.

I continued going to the pain clinic where the pain doc insisted that its something im just going to have to live with.  I was on morphine slow release and also morphine sulfate for the breakthrough pain.  I was on 180mgs of morphine a day and it was doing NOTHING to touch the pain i was experiencing.  The pain doctors answer was to just continue to increase my morphine.

Losing my son to an opiate addiction was in the forefront of my mind and the idea of taking opiates to survive was killing me mentally.
Besides that, I had every side effect known to man from the morphine.

I did a search online one day and found a Dr. Howard Shubiner who practices out of Providence Hospital in Southfield Michigan.  I called him up and told him what i was experiencing and before he hung up the phone he told me that in no time at all after reading Dr. Sarnos books and taking his workshops that i would be painfree again. This was the first doctor of at least a dozen i saw that promised me results from his treatment.
He gave me hope back but i was still so doubtful that what he was telling me was true.
After all, like i said, I’ve seen at least a dozen doctors and there treatment was all the same.
Physical therapy, pain meds, and time

I started reading Dr. Sarnos books as a requirement to see Dr. Shubiner and before i could finish his first book i could feel a little bit of difference in the pain i was feeling.

I took Dr. Shubiners workshops, did everything that was required of me, and most of all, forced myself to BELIEVE what he was telling me was true, that all my pain was emotionally based.
Within two weeks of taking Dr. Shubiners workshops the pain had completely left my lower back and i had pain so badly in my shoulder and neck i could barely move.
I called Dr. Shubiner up and told him what happened and he was excited, lol.
He said, GOOD, you got the pain on the run.
I rolled my eyes and thought, HOW STRANGE.
Can this be true???
I stuck with Dr. Shubiner, finishing his workshops and by the time i was finished i had NO pain at all.

Don’t misunderstand me, I still suffer pain,but if i work on it and realize what im upset about or angry i can control the amount of pain and the duration of pain…

If anyone out there is like me and they have done everything possible for there pain and still suffer read Dr. Sarnos books, or better yet, make an appointment with Dr. Shubiner if you live anywhere nears Michigan…

Thanks for reading, Karen

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